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A couple of our close friends had a frightening experience, a few years back. We decided that the best way to help them through it was to help them laugh at the situation.

The song is 75% real-life, and 25% our unique take on an otherwise very serious situation, that could have ended much worse than it had.

For those of you who are even considering saying it:
Yes. We think the subject at hand is a very serious one.

And yes, many of us have been influenced by this - either directly, or indirectly - including the band. But if we can't overcome it, and ultimately rise above it, then we're relegated to carrying the weight of it around with us for the rest of our lives.

So let's have a laugh and let it go, shall we?


This is not your stereotypical date-rape song
It started right, but somehow went terribly wrong
With roofies in your hand, enact your master plan
Ensure that she'll be yours the whole night long

This is not your stereotypical Friday night
Gotta tell you man, and I'm sorry if it's impolite
You wanted in her pants, but you'd never have a chance
You couldn't even lick or drug her right


This is not your stereotypical slight of hand
As rapist go, you're not the best. I understand
It's tougher than you'd think, to lace the proper drink
Well, good job dude, you scored yourself a man

This is not your stereotypical evening's end
She got home safe and you got yourself a special friend
Mister rapist, can't you see that the one you drugged was me...

...and now it's wearing off and I am feeling rather randy
You think you're such a tough guy, but you're really just a pansy
Don't you know that it's not right to rape a woman 'cause she's pretty
It's time that someone taught you why it's wrong to rape, empirically


This is not your stereotypical date-rape song

(rape isn't funny)


from For The Record, released April 3, 2012
Vox & Guitar: Alex James & Sean May




Nerds With Guitars Toronto, Ontario

Nerds With Guitars is the unholy love child borne from the dangerously fertile collective womb of tech-nerd / guitar wizard "Guitar" Sean May, and lit-nerd / geek-chic frontman Alex James.

N.W.G. is here to save the day with eclectic songs ranging from robots and Sith lords to bad fashion choices and revenge best served hot. These Nerd Folk Prophets deliver the good word of Nerd to the masses!
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